A 30-pound Plexiglas display case containing 42 iPod nanos walked out of an Apple Store in Boulder, CO, courtesy of either very sneaky shoplifters, snoozing store clerks, or some devious combination of the two. You'd think someone walking out of an Apple Store carrying a big glass box filled with $8705 worth of nanos would be rather conspicuous, but apparently in Boulder people do it all the time, since no one noticed anything suspicious and police have no suspects. So if you see a set of 42 nanos in a "handsome display case" up for sale on eBay this weekend, bid with caution.

P.S. Cobbling together the information given to us and utilizing our crack Law and Order skills, we came up with a rendering of the suspect, which you can see on the right, so be on the lookout.

42 iPods stolen from Apple Store [Daily Camera]
image via Flickr