Pan Aiying, a teacher from China, had her bag stolen recently. Inside the bag was approximately $630, a cellphone and other goods. Instead of doing the norm and contacting police, Aiying decided to start sending text messages to the thief.

I'm Pan Aiying, a teacher from Wutou Middle School. You must be going through a difficult time. If so, I will not blame you.

Keep the 4,900 yuan if you really need it, but please return the other things to me. You are still young. To err is human. Correcting your mistakes is more important than anything.

She gave up hope after all 21 texts, that had similar messages as above, went unanswered. This was until a package was discovered on her doorstep Sunday with an attached note saying: "Dear Pan: I'm Sorry. I made a mistake. Please forgive me. You are so tolerant even though I stole from you. I'll correct my ways and be an upright person." I guess it is good to see that not all criminals are blood-sucking soulless assholes. Or if they are, it just takes a bit of psychological work to crack them.

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