Evolution is alive and well, and here's proof: the Wii controller strap has now mutated into its third iteration, after the first one was accused of hurting, maiming, and otherwise causing deadly mayhem to innocent users. What's new? The new straps are thicker, longer and have a supposedly more-durable plastic restraint that better helps it cling to your wrist.

In the picture above, the new straps with their rounded plastic nubs on the ends are lined up on the left, and the old one whose business end vaguely resembles the Nintendo Wii console is on the right. Get the new ones, butterfingers! Or, you could just hold on tighter to the damn controller. Heck, Babe Ruth never let his bat fly out of his hands, did he? Huh? Just an example.

The New, New Wii Strap [Kotaku]