Brando rolled out a digital media player that's low-priced ($99) but still holds two gigs of your favorite songs in its flash memory. It's aptly named the Soap MP4, because it looks like a bar of soap after you've used it for a week or two. Oh, I mean, it must have good clean sound.

It works like an iPod, plugging into USB, but it brings more features as well, such as an OLED color screen, FM radio, voice recording and the ability to watch MPEG4 movies. Here's another pic of the white player with its black brother, plus a bit of harmless scatological humor:

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

For some reason this player reminded us of that bar of soap that looks like poop. At this low $99 price, we're wondering if this is poop that looks like a bar of soap.

Product Page [Brando]