In a rather candid interview with CNET, Douglas Woo, the president of Westinghouse Digital, said that LCD (as opposed to plasma, DLP, etc.) is "probably unstoppable." And obvious move from who's livelyhood comes from shilling LCDs. His reasons are somewhat fresh, though. The main reason for LCD's success, he contends, is that because engineers have been working on the technology since they were merely PC monitors, the tech is nice and mature.

Um, sure, but the prices for the big stuff still aren't quite below your standard Plasma set.

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Where do y'all stand? What's your preferred technology? Personally, I'm rocking an LCD and it does a fine job of bringing me over-the-top Jack Bauer action in high def every week.

Newsmaker: Westinghouse plugs in to LCD TVs [CNET]