I was surprised when NYT's tech journo David Pogue's most recent blog post was written as a song Hazing to the RIAA. His lead claimed that he had a music past as a Broadway conductor and arranger, which a little emailing and googling confirmed.

These days, its rare to find opinions from Pogue that differ from Mossberg's (and more than often, our own.)


That's why his stand out tech coverage comes in the form of inimitable spoofs on tech put to pop songs.

There's Don't Cry for Me Cupertino, a song about the second coming of Steve Jobs. And a song about Microsoft Word 15 being almost a Gig set to Jingle Bells. And my favorite, the best is his Bill Gates impression during the Stevie Wonder Inspired "I just Called to Say I Bought You."Listen to em here.

But none of the songs are recent. Maybe the Times have David running so ragged, now that he's basically shouldering the rogue Circuits section, that he doesn't have time for these anymore. I'm hoping for a Bollywood music video about the iPhone, set to Journey.


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