Sony's last major Bravia ad was great: it was engaging and memorable, even if it really said nothing at all about Bravia TVs. Its new spot, while actually sporting a Bravia set (in front of a Sony Style store no less), still offers nil about the product itself. But, as Slate's ad critic extraordinaire, Seth Stevenson, lays out, the new ad is memorable only because it's annoying.

It's designed to ensnare DVR owners and lead them to a nonsensical, weak slogan followed by more ad content that archaically and lamely plays off of gender stereotypes.

"Television for Men and Women" tries to be part of that strain of self-conscious-therefore-ironically hilarious stereotype humor, but on top of not being very funny, it's hard to swallow when it's employed to sell TVs. If anything, a C- seems generous. That said, my girlfriend's dad's new 52-inch Bravia is quite gorgeous. Like no other? Maybe. Spectacular? Definitely.

Sony's convoluted Bravia ad [Slate]