Valentine's Day is coming up, and here's a unique gift for that red letter day: a limited edition clock (without alarm) called the Black Heart Flipperoo from Gama-Go. It combines an old-timey clock-with-hands (you do remember how to tell analog time, don't you?) with individually-designed flipping dates. Slightly different from the Flipperoos we've seen here before, only 50 of these babies will be made, and the artists have hand-numbered and signed the back of each clock with a little heart-shaped design.

It's an oddly retro-looking timepiece, no doubt aimed at those with certain tastes, but if you're looking for something unusual, this would probably be it. Only problem is, you have to drop $120 to give this peculiar gift. You could get some really nice flowers for half that. We're still trying to figure out why the price went up by $60. Abraham Lincoln's autograph might fetch $60, but this?

Product Page [Gama-Go]