The Pioneer Pro-FHD1 is simply the most stunning TV CNet has ever sweet talked into their labs. The 50-inch 1080p gets praise for:

Accurate colors; excellent detail with 1080 resolution material; can reproduce deep blacks; extensive picture controls

They couldn't be more dry about it, could they? What they're trying to say is that This Is The Best Looking HDTV Ever. Purdy!

But the plasma only scores an 8.7. Why?

Because almost everything CNet scores rates a 8.0 to 8.9? Yes, partially. But mostly because it's:

Extremely expensive; lacks speakers, stand, and tuner; subpar 480p picture quality.

Yes, as a monitor, it lacks amenities. Goddamn, even the stand costs $500 extra. But honestly, the kinds of people who drop $8000 ($5k on the street) on a mere 50 inches of TV aren't the kinds of people that use bunny ears or the speakers built into the TV cabinet.


There's more good stuff for the ultra rich. It has a unique 72Hz mode, which can playback the native film rate of 24 frames per second without all of that juddery math that happens when TVs try to stretch those frames into 30 frames (this does not compute...cleanly.) This works with Blu-players like those from Pioneer and Sony. And it walked through HQV's intense test disc, having nothing but smackdown for noise, jaggies, and cadence hopscotch (that frame rate translation stuff we mentioned earlier.)

But look, this is the absolute finest picture money can buy. Is it better than high end projection (front and rear?) Doubtful. But the allure of the world's most beautiful flat panel can't be ignored.

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