To my ears, JBL makes the most musical-sounding speakers in the world, and now the company has a released a new line of reasonably-priced models with the handsomely-styled ES series introduced at CES this year. Included in the ES line are the ES20 and ES30 bookshelf speakers, and the ES80 and ES90 floor-standing units along with the center-channel ES25C.

The company will also roll out a couple of formidable subwoofers in the lineup as well, and we'll be seeing (and hopefully hearing) all of these in late spring, priced from $349-$1098 a pair. Recording engineers have been using JBLs in their mixing rooms for years, and there's good reason for that. Might as well listen to the music on the speakers on which it was mixed.

JBL Debuts ES Series Speakers [CrunchGear]