Super Slo-Mo: First Commercial Shot With the Kick-Ass Phantom HD Camera

Serious progress is being made with digital film technology, with extremely high-rez cameras by Thompson, Dalsa and the upcoming Red One rivaling imagery that until recently could only be acquired on film. Now here's the first commercial spot shot with a one of the latest innovations in digital film, the 2K (2048x2048) Phantom HD camera (pictured at right) by Vision Research that can shoot in extremely high speed just like its film-based grandfathers.

This is looking terrific. Will this technology replace film any time soon? Has it already?

Check out that butta-smooth slo-mo, the result of cranking up the speed on the Phantom HD camera to frame rates as high as 1000 frames per second. That's right—the faster the frames go by when shooting, the slower the image moves when you play back those frames in real time. This is one sweet-looking spot, showing off the superior tech at work inside this camera.


Every time improvements such as these are made to digital cinema acquisition gear, more diehard filmmakers start leaning toward abandoning film and its chemicals, expense and clunky inconvenience. It's just a matter of time.

Hyundai -Fluid, see the QuickTime version of the spot ['boards] (Thanks, Lisa!)