So, remember that melted laptop? Yes, the one that the Genius Bar employees and more-than 5,000 Gizmodo readers thought was foul play in an attempt to get a new laptop. Well, another e-mail popped in our box just now, with an almost identical incident happening to someone else many years ago, when the laptops were fresher.

Dustin writes:

I saw your post about a melted PowerBook. I had one too. About five years ago, I placed my Powerbook G4 on my desk, started up SETI (remember that?), and went to bed. I woke up to the smell of burning plastic. The keys in the center, radiating outward, were completely melted. Amazingly, though the screen was damaged, the computer was still turned on. I unplugged it, and even though the battery was still installed, it shut off. It melted the plastic covering on my desk, and the laptop was too hot to touch for almost half an hour.

What a giant, raging clue indeed, Dustin. Dustin's setup is a little more isolated and looks like it could have actually happened. Also, I remember the days of SETI, that thing ran the hell out of a computer and could very easily overheated a G4 laptop. Thoughts? Is the original story a little more believable now that another case has come about? Hit the comments and voice your opinion. If this second case changed your mind, you may want to apologize to the roommate of the first owner, goods, for shitting all in his Cheerios the first time around. (Sorry, Goods.)