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IDEO Designer Stefan Post Thomas Brisebras must like his toast, so much so that now he's gone off the deep end and designed his own toaster made out of plastic. It's a very special kind of plastic, though, called Ultrason, and it's heat-resistant up to 428 degrees Farenheit. Heck, that's about where I made some toast burst into flames one time.

It's a bit difficult to see how this toaster works, but you can figure it out from the big pic above; its Ultrason exterior has great insulating properties and is cool to the touch now matter how much you burn your toast, so you can set the toaster down just about anywhere. Plus, you can see through it and easily observe how that bread is doing, maybe avoiding burning it altogether. It's a design concept so far, but looks promising.

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Ultrason Property Toaster [Yanko Design]