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Readers will probably know we're not gigantic fans of cases for portable media players around here, preferring to just let them get scratched up for the sake of convenience and looks. But this Silicone case from Zune One seems to be a pretty decent one if you really must have a case.

The Zune Silicone Case comes with a silicone condom that wraps around the Zune plus two screen protectors. The condom actually fits pretty well and has a rubbery-but-not-too-rubbery texture.

The best part?

The buttons are molded in exactly the right place and are shaped in such a way that it's really easy to press—unlike the Jam Jacket. If you had to get a Zune case, this $7.95 silicone affair would be the best.


Their Zune Crystal case, however, leaves something to be desired. It's made of pretty cheap plastic (priced at $11.95) and is pretty hard to open. Once you get your Zune in there, you may have a hard time getting it back out. Plus, the oval hole left for the keys make the side and bottom buttons a little harder to press, as well as making the hold switch impossible to switch.

We'd recommend you skipping the crystal case, even at the low $11.95 price.

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