You think your house is small? Get a load of this 8.5-foot cube, the Micro Compact Home (m-ch). Even though its interior is a bit cramped, its architects tried to overcome that claustrophobic feeling with luxo-sport Euro design and plenty of windows. It's a lot cheaper than a regular house, too, selling for between $32,500 and $44,225.

Sure, the designers believe in that "less is more" principle, but it's hard to imagine spending much time in this little aluminum-clad wooden doghouse. There are two tiny double beds in there, along with a table that can supposedly seat five, a shower, toilet and a kitchen, plus it's heated and air-conditioned. Is this how we'll be living after the apocalypse? Let's take a peek at the interior:

This might barely work as a solo dwelling, that you'd better be very close to whomever might stay with you in this cubicle for a weekend.

Product Page [m-ch Micro Compact Home Production GmbH, via Digg]