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Fon, those lovable guys trying to make a WiFi sharing community, are celebrating their 1-year birthday with a 10,000 router giveaway. The b/g routers have both a private and public access point, and you can share your broadband with strangers in exchange for free access to other Fon user's APs around the world, or for cash when non-Fon users pony up.


The router, designed by Cisco, is palm sized. And despite some rumors on the internet, it is not stronger than ye old full sized AP. In particular, I compared it to a Linksys 802.11 A/G router, the WRT55AG. The signal strength for the Fon was only 70% of the bigger router. There aren't any ethernet ports, either. But look at how tiny this thing is? Use this thing as a second AP. And do I need to remind you that this normally $30 router is going for free now. No shipping. No tax.

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OK, so you have to log into the public AP with the user/pass you signed up at fon's website with. That activates your AP. You enter your full info, address to be added into the Fon AP directory, and then you're ready to use both the public and private hotspot. It's a bit disappointing that the AP's control panel is on FON's systems, but that's the price of a free router.

[Thanks Chris Null]