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Well here's something we never saw coming, an inflatable camping bubble made by BMW. Because those BMW owners just hate staying in hotels.

Any Cubans trying to float there way to America better watch out. Cause the Sea Phantom concept boat claims that it will be able to make it from Key West to Cuba in 20 minutes.

There was a new blow in the race for the living room, Amazon & TiVo. The two are partnering up with to stream

Amazon's Unbox content from your PC to your TiVo Series 2 or 3.

Also if your dream has been to fly a 747 in a semi-realistic fashion, then you'd better make friends with Matthew Sheil. He spent over $230k making his own insane 747 simulator.

Although, if your dream was to ride a Segway, but couldn't do to your disabilities. Then you are in luck, a Segway was modded into a wheelchair friendly version. Although I'd be careful with this version, as the demonstrator isn't actually handicapped.