It seems like nary a week goes by without an intro of yet another electric vehicle, and this week it's the Silence PT2 by EBW & Silence Inc., an all-electric three wheeler that's a cross between an electric car, a go-cart and a motorcycle. Its makers say the 13-foot-long pocket rocket has a range of 125-250 miles.

The minuscule 900-pound vehicle is not quite as fast as that zero-to-60-in-4-seconds Tesla electric roadster, but then it still has a top speed of 125mph, and at $42K, doesn't cost nearly as much as the $100,000 Tesla. The company's taking orders for delivery this spring.

Here's more, a trio of tack-sharp shots of this electro-coolness:

If the hotcake-like sales of the Tesla were any indication, this Silence PT2 will probably sell out fast.

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