We knew that Asus was releasing Vista-optimized motherboards, but we didn't know they were going to bundle an actual SideShow device with it.

TechReport takes a closer look at this MP3 player-sized device, which has a D-pad front buttons and top buttons, as well as a kickstand so you can prop it up on your desk.

Overall, being able to access applications like RSS feeds, music control, and hardware monitoring without having to swap out of what you're doing is really cool.


The display is only QVGA (320x240) so you won't get a whole lot of information, but it's fine enough for text and graphics in terms of Gadgets. There's even a little taskbar at the bottom showing you what's going on.

Asus's implementation is a good start, but TechReport thinks that Asus needs to still work on refining Gadgets for the interface. Once that's done, maybe we'll all be SideShow freaks. Sorry, that was pretty corny.

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