The Neonode N2 follows up the interesting but irrelevant original with an iPhone clone notable for its net radio stream capturing desktop software, and gesture-controlled screen. And, its super small, at 3" tall.

Here's the stat splatter, and how that gesture system works.

The gesture control promises a screen free from softbutton clutter, and that it'll be all but unusable by anyone but those initiated into the neonode's cryptic control system.

The device claims to have an open software platform (meaning: won't be picked up by us providers anytime soon) and because it does calendar and address book synching via Activesync, we have a feeling it's built on a Windows platform.

I expected counterattacks to Apple's offering but how fast did this little company develop this thing? It's more than likely that they'd been planning this touchscreen offering for awhile now. Unless it's vapor. (Where are those real photos?)

UPDATE: Photo courtesy of Vincent N.


* Neonode N2


* MiniSD card

User interface:

* Neno user interface


* MP3 Player (MP3, WMA, Wav), Calendar and Address book synchronized using ActiveSync


* GSM Quadband 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz bands, GPRS


* SMS and MMS


* Obex, Headset, FTP profiles supported


* 2,0" (176x220 pixels) colour display. 65K colours


* Stereo sound in headphones, Mono loudspeaker, Vibration engine


* 2 Megapixel Fixed Focus Camera, Still pictures, Video play-back (MPEG, WMV), Video Recording (MPEG4)


* 47x77x14,7 mm (WxHxT) Weight: Approx 70 grams

Battery Capacity:

* Talk 4 hours, standby 200 hours

Neonode n2 [via slashphone]