From: Brian
To: Mom
Today, my brain nearly melted from the overage of toy and cellphone posts.
All these phone companies got together and threw a party in Barcelona to try to one up each other with their latest handsets. Samsung brought along a 5.9mm cellphone called the u100. They said it was the world's slimmest. Then Nokia showed off some GPS integrated cellphone that they asked us to call a "computer". Give me a break. There were so many nice phones, we even did a collection of the 10 best. I know, even with your trifocals, you can't read the screen on your RAZR, but I promise you, these are a lot nicer than that one. They might even be nicer than that phone Apple is making. Yes, I know I never stop talking about that thing.

Oh yes, toys. The NYC toy fair was relatively gadget free. There were some cute stuffed animals you would have liked. But the best stuff was from LEGO. They actually made a 3 foot long Millennium Falcon out of nearly 5,000 bricks. Too bad it's 500 know, if you're looking to get me a birthday present, I wouldn't say that's a bad choice.


P.S. I stopped cursing so much on Gizmodo. I hope you like it better. Sorry, if you want a comment account, you'll have to read how to get one here.