Click to viewYou only have 24 hours until Valentine's Day, so it might be time to start thinking about that chocolate bath your significant other has been fantasizing about for the past few years. Here's a roundup of ways to accomplish this sweet feat.

If you're in the area, a spa resort near Tokyo is offering a chocolate bath for Valentine's Day, but it's not 100% chocolate—water is mixed with a cacao and bath powders, and then chocolate syrup is poured all over those lucky bathers. Reminds us of a high school hazing incident, but some might find the idea romantic.


For some reason, chocolate is associated with sin, so let's get to transgressing. More weird chocolate bathing ideas for Valentine's Day (NSFW):

This woman has just finished indulging in her own chocolate bath ritual, and it looks to us like she's having a pretty good time. Here's how you can join in the fun:

Fill up your bathtub with chocolate. Considering the average bathtub could hold about 36 gallons of chocolate syrup, that would cost you $515 if you bought 288 16-ounce cans of Hershey's chocolate syrup for about $1.79 per can. But wait. Buy a no-name brand in bulk for around $40 for a case of ten 96-ounce cans—you'd need 48 of those—so about five cases would do the trick. That would cost you $200. Hint: Warm up the chocolate before hopping in.

Here's another, even fancier approach, Frothy Hot Cocoa Bath Syrup from Marguerita Bloom. This is a body wash that purports to get you "squeaky clean and smelling deliciously chocolate yummy!" You might not be able to fill up a whole bathtub using these 8-ounce containers that cost $17 each, but it's your choice: buy about a hundred of these for $1700, or settle for a single 8-ounce container and apply it liberally.

If you can't fill up an entire bathtub with chocolate, how about these fizzing chocolate bath balls? Drop one in that tub and it sizzles like an Alka-Seltzer, working like epsom salts to sooth that itchy, sore skin. It's also infused with a bit of hemp oil, too, so maybe it'll let you catch a little buzz while you're at it.

After that bath, you might want to dry off with a chocolate towel, but these aren't actually edible—they're just chocolate-colored so all that chocolate you've been wallowing in won't leave a gigantic stain. These towels are also really good camouflage for those who tend to leave skid marks, and you know who you are.

After you're done toweling off, next you might want to slather on some Sinful Chocolate Body Toffee. Its made of lots of chocolate, cocoa butter, sunflower oil and some beeswax, and if you're not crazy about chocolate you can also get it in vanilla, coconut or raspberry.

If you're just not into taking baths at all, you might just skip all that and get her a chocolate thong.