There was some more good news on the Anti-DRM front today. Yahoo & Monster Cable both pledged their allegiance to a DRM-free world. This is great and all, but I can't wait to see some real action taking place.

You all remember Joel Johnson from Gizmodo yesteryear. Well he's got a treat for you masochists out there, ripping on you, me, and the tech that unites/divides us.

And Motorola's showing off the

S9 Bluetooth headphones. And they're finally finding a good compromise between being small enough to be extra portable, but big enough that you don't look like your talking to yourself. A very delicate balance.

The Evesham Sound Stage X1 is trying to do some multitasking. It's one part surround sound projector & one part TV stand. This will be the first TV stand that I've seen that will have to plug in to an outlet.

Screw the DS, The Gamespower 50 is the new bell of the ball. And after years of waiting, we finally have a hands on video review, courtesy of Dr. Ashen. Check out this portable powerhouse that even comes with its own lanyard.

Comment of the Day: iPhone Integration Coming In BMW 7-Series? Says Who?

"So on top of the $500 cell phone, I'll have to buy an $80,000 car? It's going to be an expensive year..."—MrAwes0me