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I had a great time at CES, but my laptop came out of it looking like I'd slathered it in steak juice and thrown it to lions. Poor Macbook Pro. After the show, I'd started looking for a laptop case that would do a better job of protecting my gear, which led me to Zero Halliburton's Deluxe Digerati laptop case. You know Halliburton, don't you? They make suitcases, gun cases, and other luggage stamped from single sheets of aluminum at extremely high temperatures. They're sturdy.


When it showed up for testing, I loaded up my laptop inside. And I beat the shit out of the case by standing on it, punching it, kneeing it, and dropping weights on it. Did it hold up?

Yes, it stood up. My knuckles are scraped, and only my knee put a dent in the case. I dropped a 20 pound dumb bell from 2 feet up, with little effect. I'm sure that if I jumped up and dropped a heel into it, the case would be dent a lot more, but I'm also confident that the laptop inside would be in good shape. The firm foam inside would see to that. At any rate, my heart wasn't into doling out more punishing attacks. It's too nice looking to want to hurt with any sort of malicious intent. (I think the gun metal grey case looks even nicer.)


The case itself has sturdy rivets for the shoulder strap, but lets face it: If you're rocking a Halliburton, you need to be attaching it to your person with a handcuff. There was also a random strap with two aluminum plates. I have no idea what purpose it serves. Anyhow, inside there's a velcro strap for securing your computer to the fabric covered hard foam lining. The feet? Unfortunately, they were plastic. I would have preferred more aluminum, with rubber feet. The chromed latches open and close with precision, and are the only notable upgrade the Deluxe line has over the Z line.

I'll have videos later of the attempts to destroy the case.

Would I buy one of these? At $350, only if I worked for Los Alamos, or a guy named Marsellus. Depending on your disposable income, you may feel more motivated to protect your lappie with the toughest mother lovin' laptop case I could find.

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