We showed you a couple patents for possible iPhone docks this morning, but a reader sent us in a photo of an actual iPhone dock. It's direct from Apple, and as such, we can't actually show the picture or else our tipster will be in deep doo-doo. But what we can do is describe it and show you an "artist's" rendition of it.

As you can "see", the dock has a grooved hole cut out of the the majority of the dock for the iPhone. It looks similar to standard iPod docks, but it's a bit longer. To the right, there's another hole, which we're guessing is for a possible Bluetooth headset? We actually have no idea what goes there.


What's also interesting is that the iPhone connector has two cables coming out of the bottom. Perhaps that's just for the development unit, but it is interesting to see.

[Jason's lack of artistic abilities are obvious - hit the jump for my much, much better rendition of this photo. - Adam]

Update: Thanks to the Poguester for pointing out that this dock was shown to a select few at the Expo, and that it is, in fact, different from the one shown at the keynote—which didn't have a hole for the magnetic Bluetooth headset. We stand by our horrible drawing and that yes, this is real, not doctored, and we have the real photo that inspired it.

It is not the one shown here at Macrumors.

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What it looks like with the iPhone docked.

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Adam's awesome rendering.

Thanks tipster!