Electric tricycles seem to be a growing trend, and we can now add this VentureOne to that list. This one gives you a choice of either all-electric or hybrid power. It leans when you turn, can reach 0-60 in 6 seconds and goes 100mph with an impressive 100mpg fuel efficiency. Perhaps the most startling of all is its price, $18,000 for the hybrid drive Venture E50, up to $23,000 for the all-electric drive Venture EV.

We're most interested in that all-electric model, even though its top speed is just 75mph with a range of 120 miles. Yeah, those specs aren't as good as the $42K 125mph PT2 Electric, but still, saving $19,000 for that extra 50mph that you can rarely if ever legally use is a bargain.

More stats, specs, pics and a release date:


We're also quite impressed by the VentureOne's way-cool design, put together for California's VentureVehicles by the BMW Group Designworks USA. Expect to see this electro-tryke hit California roads by July 2008. We just wouldn't want to be that poor soul sitting in the back seat.

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