Vidikron, sister company of Runco, is one of those wonky companies just breaching the mainstream with their lower end sets (when buying a Sony set just feels boring). Part of what makes em great is that every one that leaves the factory calibrated. And this 1080p, 65-inch plasma is their best and the first flat panel ever to receive the old THX badge of honor.

It has the highest contrast ratio, deepest black levels, brightest picture, and most accurate color. It has an external video processor, and standard inputs, but only two HDMI ports (many sets rock three these days). And like the Pioneer Pro monitor CNet likes so much, it doesn't come with speakers. But people who buy $20K TVs don't listen to in-set speakers.


I'd love to see it in person, frankly. That will have to wait until I have a first born child I can harvest for black market baby organs. It's a very profitable trade, you know.

VP-6500VHD [Vidikron]