Despite its undeniably large dimensions, by the stats, the Dell 27-inch LCD seemed like a flop to me. It has the same exact resolution of 1920 by 1200 that many 24-inch monitors have. Laughably, it is the same price as Dell's monster 30-inch monitor. CNet, the first ones out the gate with a review, gave it a middling score.

That grade, which sits firmly in the grey zone, does not represent our opinions which are torn between love and disdain. Upon first power-up, I found its range and brilliance outstanding. But it's not for everyone. In fact, at this price, it is almost for no one.

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Before we explain our impressions, let me explain CNet's verdict.

Their score of 7.4 translated through the unfluffing machine, means it received a D on its report card. It would have been worse, if not for its performance. The monitor's measured specs in the Displaymate benchmark, brightness and contrast were comparable to top TVs like those from Sony, blowing away comparative monitors. Keeping that in mind, and considering its component and composite inputs (which the more professionally oriented 30-incher doesn't have) make it maybe the best combination PC and TV LCD ever. (Forget for one second it doesn't have an HDMI port.)


As a monitor, I found the set to be slightly oversaturated in color at default settings, compared to both the 24 inch Dell LCD and the 15-inch Macbook display. I liked the stand, new industrial design, the cable organizer, the USB ports and memory card readers. Ultimately the reduced pixel res per square inch made small text easier for my aging eyes to see, but also made the LCD feel less than sophisticated when it enlarged windows dragged from the laptop's desktop to this monster's palate. As if it were a Fisher Price "My First Ginormous Monitor."

Putting aside its peculiar double life and charm, really, if I want a TV, I'm going to buy a TV. I'd recommend this as a buy for the ultra rich looking for a combination TV/Monitor setup. But plebs should wait until the price drops below $1,000 to consider it seriously. Until that happens, I think people should buy either the 24-incher, or the 30, and leave the 27 to sit on the stockroom shelves.

UPDATE: The price is coming down on this bad boy! And btw, I neglected to say that this monitor's wide color gamut has the ability to display many more colors than the other Dell monitors. That matters if you're in design, not so much for average computing. Like I said before, when the price dips below a grand, this is a good monitor to consider.

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