To: Overpriced HDMI Cables
From: Ben

Yeah you might charge a whopping $73.17 more then the discount guy for the same 6-foot HDMI cable, but you need tech news too, don't you? Hell maybe something here will spark you into a crazy thing we like to call competitive pricing.

We found the inspiration for those "I'm a Mac" ads, and it's not pretty. The PC is like a young Gordon Gecko from that Wall Street movie, but the Mac is more of a 90's male soccer mom. And there are strides being made to end the video cable completely, Samsung is making a line of LCD's that will run over USB instead of VGA or DVI. Granted it bypasses the graphics card in favor of the processor, but you've got to start somewhere.

And if that's not enough to get your tech glands salivating there's also a UV disinfectant wand, a medical grade tablet computer, the 14.1-megapixel Sigma SD14 finally has a street date, and a fire detecting robot named Ubiko.

So Mr. premium HDMI cable, has any of this sparked a price drop? Probably not, but we can always hope that some day you will come to your senses.

Hugs & Kisses