To: Cisco & Apple
From: Ben

Hey guys, I'm so glad that you finally patched things up. It was making dinner time really stressful with you two not talking and all. I'm not too sure what Cisco meant by interoperability, but Apple I'm guessing that you will find out soon.

Anyways, since you've been getting closure here's what has been going on. First off Canon went buck wild and released 6 new cameras, including one that shoots 10 fps & two others that are over 7mp but under $300. And Skype is fighting its own battles out there. They are trying to make it illegal for cellphone carriers to block it from being used on high speed networks like EV-DO.

But I guess I'll try and keep this short since I know that you two are probably pretty busy what with redesigning the technological landscape and all. So in a nutshell the LG Prada has its very own official BT headset, Apple your Cingular exclusivity might only be 2 weeks long, and Fuji has a new $250 camera with a flash that can adjust its strength on the fly.

Now kiss and make up.