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HDMI connectivity is getting cheaper wherever you look. It used to be that you'd have to pay exorbitant prices for anything with HDMI stamped on it—routing that digital video (up to 1080p) and audio at the same time must be incredibly expensive, right? But HDMI cables sold by unscrupulous retailers for 10 times more than they're really worth still carry digital audio and video from one place to another the same way the cheap ones do.

As HDMI cables and their associated switches get to be more commonplace, honest purveyors of electronics accessories are stepping in with prices that are more in line with reality. Case in point: Less than a year ago, a 3x1 HDMI switch with a remote control was selling for upwards of $200. Now you can get one from Monoprice that's been favorably reviewed for $63.75. For bare-bones switching, a 2x1 manual switch from Monoprice (pictured above) is now down to $28.93. Now yer talkin'. We just wanted to keep our dear Giz readers from getting jacked.