Most of us like to flaunt our techno-gear, letting it sit right out there in the open for all to see and covet. But if you're looking for more subtle approach than covering your speakers with cheesy paintings, Acoustic Research Home Decor gives you the HD510, a home theater speaker system that can be camouflaged in a variety of ways. The $899 set includes five 100-watt three-way satellite speakers along with a 10-inch ported subwoofer with a 175-watt digital amp.

It might be good sport to pick out a variety of fake clocks, candle holders, books and sconces for the speakers, and complement those with a vase or a trunk to disguise that sub. Maybe put a pair of those Groucho Marx glasses on another. I know a few gals who would really dig this whole idea. Check out the gallery below for the full collection.

Hide Speakers in Books, Vases, Planters and More [Electronic House] Thanks, Rachel!