To: Art Lebedev
From: Jason

You had us all at hello when you announced your Optimus keyboard two (or was it three) years ago, but it's getting ridiculous. It's hard to call your keyboard anything but vapor when you're announcing that you're downgrading the keyboard to multiple models that you can upgrade later by buying individual keys. You may not have the gajillion dollar backing Microsoft had to release their keyboard, but c'mon, let's get serious.

Really, some guy with a bunch of time and a soldering iron made this Brazil-inspired keyboard. One guy! Not to mention this weird Korean double sided keyboard as well, which is in prototype—just like yours.

Speaking of rumors and vapor, we're hearing that black iMacs and 8-core Mac Pros may be coming next month. Seems iffy to us, but if Apple's patenting lanyards, why not?

Oh, and PMA is coming. That means lots of digicams for you to take on summer vacation with your kids. If you have any.