Citizen has dabbled in Bluetooth watches before, rolling out the VIRT W700 last June that connects to your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and displays caller ID and vibrates when a call arrives. Now the company has updated its design, improving that ominous black look of its predecessor to this more "casual" appearance.

But the product has us scratching our heads:

Is it that big of a deal to have your cell phone in your pocket, and quickly glance at it when it rings to see who's calling? Many people are now using cell phones as a timepiece anyway these days, so a clunky watch, even though it's updated in colors of pink, blue and black with white trim, might seem redundant. Too bad it's not a phone, too. Anyway, Citizen didn't announce its price but said this updated model will be available in Japan by mid-March.

Product Page (translated) [Citizen, via Ministry of Tech]