The NY Comic Con was disappointingly less gadget-y (or worthwhile) than I had hoped, which is to say that it was gadget-less until I spotted the Mimoco banner way against the back wall. And what can I say, I'm a whore for art toys—Kid Robot has gotten far too much money from me over the last couple of years.

After talking to the mimoco crew (half of the six-person company was there), I got my hands on one of the Artist Series '07 mimobots, Mori Chack's Gloomy Bear (Grey Heavy Blood), that we showed you a bit ago.

As you can see, it's actually fairly small—I was kind of surprised at first because the promo pics make them look huge. My only real gripe about the design is that when it's plugged in, the cool side—the whole reason to buy the drive—actually faces downward, leaving me with the Gloomy Bear's ass and its flashing blue light protruding from my notebook.


The drive comes with store of goodies packed on it, namely a set of Gloomy Bear icons, backgrounds and avatars of both pink and grey persuasions. The kicker though is a totally weird trailer of sorts with a bizarre soundtrack where a Gloomy Bear bloodily mauls a kid Killer Instinct-combo style for over a minute.

While it is more functional than the average art toy, at $100 for the 2GB model, you are paying more for the form than you are for the function—there are certainly cheaper offerings sporting the same amount of space, even if you go high end. Obviously, though, form is entirely the point, and if you want an art toy that does more than just sit on a shelf, this is definitely one of the better ways to go.


Bonus geekage: Stars Wars mimobots in the flesh, which, Bothan spies tell us with any luck will be dropping in two weeks after suffering numerous setbacks from the Imperials. I just wish they had a little speaker so the Chewie drive could go "Gwahrarrrrr" whenever it was accessing data.


Product Page [Mimoco]