The best thing about being snowed into a remote Tahoe cabin, low on food, with dog slow internet? Getting to decimate some snow drifts with this fire engine red, 11HP, tank-treaded snowblower, complete with headlight, and fully adjustable chute (which doubles as a snow cannon when friends come within range). I cleared a 200 foot strip of hard snowdrift as wide as a car, and 2-feet high in about 40 minutes. When the highway opens and the local roads are clear, we're as good as home. We just have to hope we can outrun the 3-feet of scheduled blizzard about to dump on our heads in the next 12 hours.

Improvements I'd like to see an integrated chair, as the added body weight would help traction in deep powder, and a flame thrower nozzle system up front for getting through the more difficult patches. Maybe while I'm at it, I should ask for a 4 seater version I can ride all the way down the mountain. Maybe someone over at MAKE can rig a roomba brain into this thing. What are you plowing with this winter?
P.S. Send help!

HS1132TA Snowblower [Honda]