To: Sigma Alpha Epsilon at UPenn
From: Gizmodo Party Planners

Ok so Microsoft might have had you guys throw a Zune party, but it probably sucked. So what can you do to save your frat boy status at UPenn? Throw another party. And what does every party need? Cold beer, luckily you can start cooling them with the Amazin' Beer Chiller. And then use the Beer Launching Fridge to fire your brews across the room. Now what do you do when everyone's here and they're good and drunk? Why make a drinking game using a football that can tell how far it has been thrown of course.

But if you see that it's getting late on the 24 time zone clock, make sure that you don't passout fall asleep without fingerprint locking your cell phone or forget to put on your sleeping jacket. But chances are everyone's going to draw penises on your face all night.