Sony rolled out some improbably thin rear projectors that aim to solve that problem of excessive depth of rear screen projector TVs. The Bravia line of 3-LCD microdisplay rear-screen projector TVs are 22% slimmer than the previous Sony Grand Wega projection TVs.

The linup includes three screen sizes, the 50-inch KDF-50E3000 and the 46-inch KDF-46E3000 (pictured above), both of which are 1080p sets and will ship in July for an undisclosed price, and then the cheaper 37-inch KDF-37H1000 that has a 720p resolution. Just how thin are they? To give you an idea, the 50-inch set is a mere 12.6 inches deep and its 46-inch brother is 11.9 inches thick. That 720p 37-incher will be shipping in May for $1300.


Projection TVs give you a considerable bang for your buck, but we're nonplussed because Sony's not telling us the prices of the the largest-screened members if this new line. That's the biggest part of the story for the rear-screens, so we'll wait for that price before we start gushing over these big honking TV sets.

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