WoW Gamer Gets Busted for Using Library Wi-Fi After Hours

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21-year old Brian Tanner got busted by the cops up in Palmer, Alaska for using the local library's free Wi-Fi to play World of Warcraft after the library had closed. Patrolling cops seized the poor guy's laptop and claimed that although the library provides free Wi-Fi, there are rules governing its use. Rules which apparently Tanner wasn't following. Only one room in NY's Public Library offers free Wi-Fi (and you're not allowed to plug into an outlet) so I feel Tanner's pain, but if the library (which you'd think would want to provide free Wi-Fi for everyone) doesn't want people using their "service" after hours, then don't broadcast your signal.


Gamer Busted for Using Library Wi-Fi [TechEBlog]

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@StarChaser Tyger:

No, I think he means, that the Cable is FREE to watch during library hours, but when they are closed, all access should be closed. so you can not use their access when you are not authorized.

Granted I doubt that there was really any damage done but he is right with it like stealing cable. We all know it is illegal to use it with out paying, just like he knew that he was not supposed to be their, he should have just gone to a starbucks or something, or better yet, get a damn job and pay for internet like the rest of us.