Just a little longer until you can kiss your boss goodbye, because it's almost the weekend. So what's going on here?

There's a new iPhone-clone for you budget users out there. Its various models will run between $195-$400. And for the shutter-bugs there's an intro to HDR photography, so that we all can take seemingly impossible photos. And if you find trying shoes on too low-tech then go check out the Adidas store in Paris. It has become the first store to install one of those "virtual mirrors".


Now if after all that, you're still freaking out because the clock has only moved another 2 minutes closer to freedom, don't worry we've got more. There's also going to be another Apple special event on April 15th at NAB, a 10 mm thick smartphone with an FM receiver, and shoe manufacturer Reno (What's up with shoes today?) is installing RFID tags into their products so that they can track when their kicks have been stolen.