While being held by Laura Ocaña gave it semi-divine status at the 3GSM show, apparently the LG KE850 Prada is "just a phone". Although not any phone, according to the Trusted Reviews' hands-on. It's a "stylish, sexy, well thought out, well featured phone..." but it's not an iPhone, it doesn't have smartphone capabilities and there's no QWERTY screen keyboard. Plenty more, including its - surprisingly low - price and more pics, after the jump.

The "only thing" that it shares with the iPhone is a gorgeous screen (not judging from the photos, though), lack of 3G support, 2 megapixel camera, multimedia player, games and the same kind of sliding unlock on-screen bar. So, umm, I guess it is like the iPhone but without all the things most people are really never going to use. Except Apple fanboys like me, that is.


Still, at 2,99 oz. and 0,47 inches thin, the Prada seems to be The-Must-Have-If-You-Want-To-Be-Cool-Although-It's-Not-an-iPhone Phone™ of the year. Until you realize that, at $60 with a 200-minute contract in Europe, everyone will have one. Personally, I don't care: Laura played with one and that's enough for me. And yes, I guess I'm that sad.

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