Place this ICP Solar Sunsei SolarCharger SE-135 on your car's dashboard, and trickle charge your car's battery whenever the sun's out. It's supposed to increase your car battery's life, and is not intended to charge it up from scratch. Designed for any 12-volt battery, you can either lay it on your car's dashboard or use its suction cups to attach it to the windshield.

Now this is a great idea, taking advantage of all that solar energy that turns your car's interior into a blast furnace all summer long. We're just wondering how it looks with all that messy wiring plugged into your car's cigarette lighter. Plus, we're not sure how much good this is going to do if you're parking the car overnight in the middle of the long cold lonely winter, or in a garage. The 135mA SE-135 is $39.95, and then there's the larger 400mA model, the SE-400, going for $89.95.

Product Page [ICP Solar, via Sci Fi Tech]