Ok guys & gals, how was the weekend? It better have been good, because now it's back to the grind. Never fear, though—we've got a bunch of details on some coveted gear.

First up we have a possible/probable release date for the LG Prada, *cough* March 22 *cough*. Also, remember the Philips Ambisound, that awesome virtual surround sound system from CES? Look for it in the Spring for $999. And Microsoft finally has confessed to making a decent-sized (512MB) memory card for the 360; it'll cost you $49.99.

And imagine this, there's more. The Optimus 103 is going to debut at CeBIT (We'll believe it when we see it.), there's new info on the BlackBerry 8300, and the Philips Drag and Draw is definitely the craziest (or first?) magic wall painting gadget we've ever seen. When do we get our trippy demo unit, hmm?

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