The DLO HomeDock Deluxe works just like it says. The unit generates a custom—and customizable—UI onto your TV so you don't need to trek up to your iPod whenever you want to look for tracks. That part works just like it claims. But what else is great about it?

Well, for one, it looks fantastic. The silver and black should make it blend in to any home theater system. Since it has to be in your line-of-sight thanks to the IR remote, you'll probably look at it often.

What else?

The second great thing about this is the remote. Unlike other iPod Dock remotes we've used, this one's actually weighty. As in, if you accidentally fling it at your kid, she's going to cry. The rubber grip makes it feel great to the touch, but unfortunately its performance isn't that great. There's a bunch of menu delay when browsing your iPod, and sometimes clicks don't even register. If you're the impatient type, you might as well stop reading now.


As for playback, the audio sounded pretty decent coming out of the RCA cables, and video was fine from the S-Video cables. We watched some Strong Bad emails and Ask a Ninja episodes without any glitches.

So would we recommend this? Only if you're doing a lot of music listening and movie watching from your iPod on your home theater and don't have any other way to stream music or movies. It's not exactly cheap—$149.99 street—and it has some slow menus, but it's definitely worth it for fact that you can see the UI on the TV alone.

Product Page [DLO]