Many of you whippersnappers won't even know what we're talking about when we mention the FlipStart, a piece of vaporware from the distant past (this nonsense started all the way back in 2003) when ultra-mobile PCs (UMPC) were just a glimmer in the eyes of their creators. Now a group of pictures have emerged of the perennial upstart, and they're calling it the FlipStart E-1001S.

Created by a company called Vulcan, another one of the exploits of Microsoftian co-founder Paul Allen, is this fat little $1999 UMPC with its 5.6-inch LCD screen with 1024x600 resolution running a Pentium M processor that belongs in a museum. This is a situation where we think that old phrase "better late than never" is simply not true. Will this relic be released? No date has been set yet.

FlipStart E-1001S Pics and details [Handtops]