The Justice Department is bored with monitoring your phone lines. They want to take it up a notch, which means they want to be able to see those pictures you took last weekend of you and your friends out at the bar. It's for national security, see.

Yeah, the government wants access to sites such as YouTube and Flickr, pushing for sites such as these to retain user data for government access. They claim it's for terrorism and child pornography, which both seem like pretty blatant ploys to get the public to let this happen without questioning it. After all, who wants to protect child pornographers?


The problem is, I'm pretty sure YouTube isn't a hotbed of illegal porn. And there's no guarantee that the Justice Department will use this info just for smokin' terrorists out of their caves. This looks like yet another step across the line into privacy invasion by this administration to us.

Justice Department takes aim at image-sharing sites []