Drop in a caption, or the dog gets it.

Adobe wants to clear up a little misunderstanding. Some people started saying that they will ship their Creative Suite on March 27th. What they actually meant was that they will announce it on the 27th, and release it later in the Spring. So there you have it, no new Photoshop until after March 27th.


The Microsoft/Google rivalry looks to be progressing nicely. MS has got its knickers all twisted up because Google isn't adhering to copyright laws with their book scanning project. What's this? Microsoft is pissed because a competitor isn't following the rules? Hmm...

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On the other end of the MS spectrum, they announced that their Xbox Live service is now 6 million users strong. Although this number includes both Xbox & Xbox 360 users.


161 exabytes were generated last year of digital content. That comes out to around 2 billion 80gb iPods full of movies, photos, e-mails, and what not.