Perhaps requiring your own nuclear reactor to run, the Keian Gaia 1200W is a power supply that not only looks better than most PC, but can also feed everything. And with everything, I mean everything, from dual Quad-core processors (both Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Socket AM2 processors are supported), to three Quad SLI or CrossFire cards and four PCI-Express cards. It can also drive four USB ports when the PC is off or four computers with its split-combine function.

The Gaia can reach power peaks of 1400W, making sure that your DeLorean never needs an electrical storm. And with a self-contained plug-n-play design, its own integrated 120mm fan and all kinds of electric protections, you can just put it inside your custom PC and start sucking into that grid in a snap. If you find it outside Japan, that is.

Product page (in Japanese) [Keian via Akihabara News]