Sometimes Gizmodo wakes up, reads its gadget news and thinks it must have put a spoonful of industrial-grade acid rather than sugar in its morning coffee. This is one of those moments. This is the Vitamin C showerhead from Sonaki - which, apart from giving you an all-over citric tang in the morning, can remove 99 per cent of chlorine and chloramines from your tap water.

Benefits? Well, if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin, have chlorine-based dandruff, or use hair dye, this is for you - just read the testimonials on Sonaki's website. Prices range from $79 to $189, and a 5-pack of filters (each one is good for around 3,000 litres of water) costs $49. Or you could just have your girlfriend squeeze oranges over you - it might be sticky, but it'll be a whole lot more fun.

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