Zenum is a company that does a lot of designing but no shipping yet, and here's an example: the Zenum Organum, a music player that the company says will roll out by the end of this year. It'll supposedly have a built-in mic, and will play back all the usual suspect audio files. Its 1.8-inch color display will show you JPEGs and BMP files, and it'll be able to store 2 gigs of your favorite audio in its flash memory.

But will it really exist? Zenum is a Swiss company headed up by designer Jaren Goh, whose work includes his similar-looking Sony Ericsson Black Diamond concept phone and his whimsical RollerToaster design. Even if none of these products ever hits the market, maybe copycats will pick up some of his sharp design sense and run with it. We can only hope.

Zenum Organum [Unwired View]

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